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The Google Ads Profiler tool

The Google Ads Profiler tool in SEOprofiler enables you to spy on the Google Ads campaigns of your competitors. We collect and parse massive amounts of data for millions of domains and keywords.

  • Reveal your competitors’ Google Ads strategies and their budgets.
  • Analyze the ads and the keywords of your competitors.
  • Discover new competitors and find new keywords.
  • Internationalize your Google Ads campaigns.

1. Reveal your competitors’ Google Ads strategies and their budgets

Analyzing the Google Ads campaigns of your competitors can help you to greatly improve your own Google Ads campaigns.

If your Google Ads campaigns do not deliver a positive ROI (return-on-investment), the Google Ads Profiler will help you. You get access to valuable data on the Google Ads activities of your competitors:

  • The keywords that send them the most paid traffic.
  • The ad that gets the most clicks.
  • The landing page that gets the most visitors.
  • etc.

If you know what works for your competitors, you can eliminate a lot of trial-and-error. Find out how others maximize the results of their Google Ads campaigns and benefit from their work.

Google Ads Profiler overview

2. Analyze the ads and the keywords of your competitors

Which words should you include in your ad text to get more visitors?

Of course, it is important to include relevant keywords, a benefit and a call-to-action. Are there other things that your competitors include in their top-performing ads?

The Google Ads Profiler has the answer. Get the top performing keywords and the top performing ads. Comprehensive filters enable you to find exactly the ads that you need.

Do your competitors use brand-related ads? Do they use the brand keywords of others to get more clicks? Do some of the ads get most of the clicks? Use the Google Ads Profiler and you get the answer with a few mouse clicks:

Google Ads Profiler body text

3. Discover new competitors and find new keywords

Advertising on Google Ads is very competitive. If you want to succeed, you must know who your competitors are.

Comparing your own metrics to the performance of your competitors will help you to develop a better Google Ads strategy. Get the keywords that drive the most visitors to the websites of your competitors:

Google Ads Profiler keywords

You also get an overview of the websites that compete with your for the same keywords and you get detailed information for every single competitor:

Google Ads Profiler competitors

4. Internationalize your Google Ads campaigns

On the internet, you have the opportunity to market your products worldwide. If you target international customers, you might have to adjust your campaigns for different countries.

The Google Ads Profiler supports 16 different regions and languages. Find out what people in Germany, the Netherlands or other countries search on Google to find products like yours:

Google Ads Profiler countries

Analyzing the Google Ads campaigns of your competitors also leads to new ideas for keywords, ads and landing pages.

Full access to comprehensive data

The Google Ads Profiler tool offers comprehensive filters that enable you to find the data that you need quickly and easily.

Google Ads Profiler filters

In addition, you can use the CSV export feature to work with the data in spreadsheet applications and other tools:

Google Ads Profiler export

You can also create great-looking PDF reports that you can show your clients with the Google Ads Profiler. The reports in SEOprofiler enable you to show your clients that you do great work.

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