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Official Google answers to common SEO questions

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All questions with the tag “Spam”:

Question Views
1. Does Google use the "keywords" meta tag? 6,172
2. Is over optimization bad for a website? 2,885
3. Does the position of keywords in the URL have a significant impact. is better than ? 2,520
4. Will Google remove a page that I don't like from its search results? 1,660
5. How does Google use human raters in web search? 1,630
6. Is data about the sites that users block being used in ranking? 1,545
7. Does Google see automatically generated content as a bad thing (i.e. spam)? 1,355
8. How accurate is Google's backlink-check (link:…)? 1,346
9. How can a website compete for high rankings using only white hat techniques in industries that are dominated by spammers if Google takes months to react to spam reports and by that time new black hat sites are ranking? 1,315
10. Are there negative SEO implications to having a blog with do-follow comments? 1,238
11. I have a client who was hacked. The SEO consultant said things were cleaned up, but they weren't correctly. All 30,000 viagra/cialis type and paid links have been removed, but no improvement in SERPs. We send reconsideration. What do we do now? 1,235
12. Is there a way to benefit from content scraped from your site? 1,211
13. It seems that having relevant keywords in URLs is very helpful. Does Google give higher importance to keywords in the path vs. filename? 1,203
14. A site for my client's competitor shows up on a SERP for keywords that never show up in the site anywhere (not even hidden in the source code). How is this even possible, and isn't this spam? 1,200
15. My SEO client is using shared hosting for one of their websites. When I checked other sites hosted on their server, I found some spammy websites. Will that affect ranking of my client's website? 1,195
16. When will Google create a software similar to Web Position so that SEOs, spam fighters and regular webmasters can check rankings etc. without violating the guidelines? 1,187
17. Does Google value its own links for PR/Linkjuice? 1,182
18. AdWords allows (and it's pretty accurate) location targeting. Why can't you guys allow multiple country targeting in Webmaster Tools instead of just one? 1,171
19. Tips on requesting reconsideration 1,144
20. Is it a good thing to put 'nofollow' in links to a disclaimer, privacy statement and other pages like that with the internal PageRank in mind? 1,141
21. Is it possible to exclude Experts Exchange from search results? 1,036
22. I bought a domain 7 months ago. The website I put on it still doesn't show in the SERPs. Since 2000 it's had different owners – used by a co. in Oz, it's then served ads, then "for sale" with a company for 4ish years. Will it have trust issues in Google? 1,002
23. I noticed that, for example, "Texas widget", and "widget Texas" return different results. I think the gist is the same but the results were different. I'd like to include both terms/phrases on my page but wouldn't that be considered keyword spamming? 1,000
24. A client has a leading competitor who has created 100 or so blog sites with little depth – Google gives them a top ranking on every related term to their industry. Why does this tactic still win? 999
25. What are Google's thoughts on blog commenting? 997
26. If I externalize all CSS style definitions and JavaScript scripts and disallow all user agents from accessing these external files (via robots.txt), would this cause problems for Googlebot? 989
27. Site hacks have been on the rise, especially in CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress. If our site was hacked and damage was done by the hackers (doorway pages inserted and spammed) but removed within days do we have to worry about a penalty? 956
28. JavaScript and email addresses 955
29. When you move a domain from one registrar to another or your registrant information changes very slightly (e.g. new phone number) will Google ding you for instability at the registrar? 926
30. Do you think web search will ever make use of references (web site mentions that are not links) as a ranking signal? 918
31. When permanently redirecting (301) a large number of domains (read: more than 10) to 1 domain does Google flag this as suspicious? 876
32. Does anyone at Google read web spam reporting messages? 821
33. Is there a minimum number of spam complaints about a domain and/or SERP before Google reviews the complaint? 800
34. Sock puppet marketing 742

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