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Official Google answers to common SEO questions

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All questions with the tag “Snippets”:

Question Views
1. Does Google use the "keywords" meta tag? 6,172
2. What role does being in DMOZ play in rankings? 1,952
3. Uncrawled URLs in search results 1,433
4. In the search results, Google will often display a snippet appropriate to the specific search query – often disregarding the meta description. Is Google doing away with meta description use like they die with meta keywords? 1,426
5. Can you think of any reason whatsoever to validate spending more than 5 minutes creating meta keywords? 1,237
6. Can Google provide a way to mark a section of our pages as being less important for being indexed/snippeted by Google? 1,140
7. Can I tell Google not to display the date in my site's snippets? 1,111
8. In some queries I can see the date of the post/article in the description snippet (at Google search). Can I tell Google not to use it? 1,108
9. How long should it take for my RDFa markup to appear in search results as a Rich Snippet after completing the submission form? 1,098
10. How does Google handle ligatures, soft-hyphens, interpuncts and hyphenation points? 1,078
11. Are title and description tags helpful to increase the organic CTR – clicks generated from organic (unpaid) search – which in turn will help in better ranking with a personalized search perspective? 1,046
12. When do you reckon Rich Snippets will be made widely available? 1,039
13. I use "description tags". Still, Google search results often start with a date or alter the description snippet. Is there any way of controlling this? 875

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