SEO quick start guide: how to create white-label reports

SEOprofiler enables you to create reports in your company design. The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler. Your client’s won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports.

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How to create reports in your own company design

It’s very easy to create reports in your company design:

Step 1: customize the reports

Go to SEOprofiler > Your project > Client reports > Customize reports and specify your company logo, your colors, your texts, etc:

customize reports

Step 2: select the reports that you want to show your clients

You can create PDF reports and web-based reports with SEOprofiler. The web-based reports are on a generic domain that has no reference to SEOprofiler.

web-based reports

There are even more PDF reports

The web-based client reports are a great way to show your clients the most important data. The PDF reports enable you to offer your clients even more: keyword research reports, competitive intelligence reports, etc.

Use the scheduler in SEOprofiler if you want to send your clients PDF reports on a regular basis.

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