SEO quick start guide: hot to get good backlinks

The links that point to your website have a major influence on the rankings of your web pages on Google and other search engines. They are the most important ranking factor in the algorithms of Google and other search engines.

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How to get good links

The link building tools in SEOprofiler help you to get good links that point to your website.

Step 1: use the Link Influencer tool

The Link Influencer tool helps you to find relevant websites that are willing to link to other sites. It shows the sites that link to at least two of the top ranked sites for a keyword. These linking sites are influential and they are willing to link to other sites.

Link Influencer

Enter five of your competitors, or click the ‘Retrieve top 5 sites’ button to get the top sites that are currently listed for a keyword. The Link Influencer will show you the sites that link to all of these sites. These sites could also link to your site.

Step 2: use the Starter Backlinks tool and the other tools in SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler offers many more link building tools. For example, the Starter Backlinks tool helps you to get links from reputable websites, the Link Opportunity Finder helps you to find new opportunities, and more:

starter links

Select a category that fits, choose a website and submit your site to that website. The websites that are listed in the Starter Backlinks tool are good websites that have a positive influence on the linked websites.

Step 3: use the Link Manager to manage your links

The backLink Manager in SEOprofiler makes it as easy as possible to manage your link building activities. It works like this:

  • You find new websites with the link building tools in SEOprofiler or while surfing the web and add them to the backLink Manager by clicking the ‘Add’ button.
  • The backLink Manager retrieves the contact information of the other website and gets additional data.
  • You contact the webmaster of the other website. The backLink Manager keeps track of the conversation.
  • If another website agrees to link to your site, enter the URL of the linking page in the Link Manager.
  • The backLink Manager regularly checks if the backlink still exists and you will get a warning when the link gets removed.

link manager

Detailed information on how to work with the Link Manager and the other link building tools can be found in the manual.

In addition to the other link building tools in SEOprofiler, you can also use the Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler to find new backlink opportunities. The Link Profiler tool also integrates with the Link Manager.

Backlinks are important

Google uses many different factors to calculate the position of web pages in the search results. Links are by far the most important factor in the calculation.

If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, your website need good links from other sites. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to get these links.

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