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Ranking Monitor FAQ

The Ranking Monitor shows you the position of your web pages on the first 5 results pages on Google, Google Mobile and Bing for your keywords.

You can see which pages of your website have high rankings, for which keywords they are ranked and how your competitors rank in comparison to your website.

You will also get alerts and opportunities that will help you to optimize the return on investment that you get from your web pages.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I add new keywords?

Click the ‘Add keywords’ button on the ‘Ranked keywords’ page to add new keywords to the Ranking Monitor.

Which pages are checked? Are subdomains included?

The Ranking Monitor automatically checks the rankings of all pages of the project domain. The rankings of pages on subdomains are also included.

Example: If the project domain is then the Ranking Monitor will report rankings for,,, etc.

The page “Ranked domains” enables you to add more domains and pages. You can choose the check type (domain, subdomain, page) when adding a new domain to the ranking monitor.

How can I check my rankings in Great Britain, Australia, France, etc.?

Click the ‘Add keywords’ link in the ‘All keywords’ page to add new keywords to the Ranking Monitor.

Then select the language and the region in which you want to check your rankings:

How do I stop checking a keyword?

If you don’t want to check the rankings for a keyword anymore, click the trash can symbol next to the keyword on the ‘Ranked keywords’ page.

When you delete a keyword, all historical information for that keyword will also be deleted.

How many keywords can I check?

The number of keywords depends on the SEOprofiler edition that you use. You can view the dails on the pricing page.

A ranking check on all three search engines Google, Google Mobile and Bing for the same country/language/location combination counts as only one keyword.

For example, if you check the position of your website for the keyword ‘fly fishing’ on (English – USA), Google Mobile (English – USA) and (English – USA) from the location ‘Knoxville’, then this will count as only one keyword.

How do I change the checked domain?

The primary checked domain is the domain of the project URL.

You cannot change the project domain but you can add further domains on the page “Ranked domains” in the Ranking Monitor.

How can I check more results pages?

You can’t. It’s not worth worrying about because the ranking results beyond the first 5 results pages tend to fluctuate randomly.

In addition, search engine traffic gained beyond the second or third results page is usually negligible.

How long does it take to check my rankings?

When you first enter your keywords in the Ranking Monitor, it depends on the server load how long it takes until your rankings are checked. After that, your rankings are automatically updated daily.

As a general rule of thumb, the first ranking check takes up to 30 minutes after entering new keywords in the Ranking Monitor.

How do I add a new search engine?

At this time, you cannot add other search engines. All keywords are checked on Google, Google Mobile and Bing. They are responsible for nearly all search engine traffic.

You can select many different country/language combinations when adding new keywords to the Ranking Monitor.

How often are the rankings checked?

The rankings are checked daily.

Why do SEOprofiler’s ranking results sometimes do not match my results?

There are several reasons why you can get different ranking results:

  • Geographic bias: Search engines customize results based on your location (IP address). This means that users in one city or country often see different results than users in another city or country.
  • Personalization: Search engines personalize your results based on your search history and your social connections. Make sure you are logged out from the search engine when performing a search. If you have the Google toolbar installed, it’s difficult to make sure that you are really logged out.

  • Point in time: SEOprofiler’s Ranking Monitor checks your keywords daily. The point in time is different for every keyword. The search engine rankings could have changed since our last ranking check.
  • Fluctuation: Google is not a single computer but uses thousands of servers to form the ranking results. One of those servers might fail; several might be in the process of being updated, etc. This means that the search engine servers can differ from check to check and that they can contain different data.
  • Web browser: Different web browsers can return different search results, for example, Internet Explorer can give different results than Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera, even if not logged into Google and without the Google toolbar.

You might want to try the following before performing another search to make sure that you really get different results:

  • Log out from the search engine.
  • Delete the cookies in your web browser.
  • Uninstall the Google toolbar, or use a web browser without the Google toolbar.

We update the rankings daily. If your rankings changed since the last ranking check, the new position will be reflected in the next update.

Where do I get detailed information and a ranking timeline for each keyword?

In the ‘All keywords’ page, click the keyword name to get detailed information about the keyword.

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