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What is the Visibility Score?

The Visibility Score refers to the keywords that you monitor in the ranking monitor.

If you check 5 keywords and your website is ranked on position 1 for all of these keywords on all checked search engines, you will get a Visibility Score of 100%.

If you add 5 additional keywords for which your website is not ranked, your Visibility Score will decrease although you are still ranked on position 1 for your first keywords.

How the Visibility Score is calculated:

  • For every ranking, there are points. First place rankings get the most points, position 50 gives only one point, no ranking gives no points.
  • A Visibility Score of 100% means that you have first place rankings on all checked search engines for all of your keywords.
  • The Visibility Score is updated when the keywords in the ranking monitor are updated.
  • The Visibility Score refers only to the keywords that you enter in the ranking monitor.

The Visibility Score changes if the rankings change and/if you add or remove keywords in the Ranking Monitor.

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