Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Ranking opportunities

The ranking opportunities page in the Ranking Monitor shows keywords for which you can get many more website visitors:

  • There are three categories in the ‘Opportunities’ page: first-place opportunities, top 3 opportunities, first-page opportunities.
  • The table shows the search engine on which your website is listed, the page of your website that is listed and the keyword for which your website is listed.
  • This column shows the monthly number of local searches that each keyword gets.
  • The Potential Traffic Increase (PTI) column shows the potential traffic increase if you manage to improve your web page so that it reaches the first page, the top 3 or the top spot.

    The Potential Additional Visitors (PAV) column shows you the number of additional visitors that your website will get.

The ranking opportunities enable you to invest your time wisely. By focusing on the keywords that deliver the greatest traffic increase, you will get a bigger return on investment.

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