Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

The Ranking Monitor

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that helps you to monitor your rankings on Google, Google Mobile and Bing:

  • The overview page contains the most important information about your rankings. Click the other pages to get the details about your rankings.
  • The boxes show the most important data about your rankings on a particular search engine. You can see at a glance if your rankings have improved.

    The Visibility score shows how well your website is ranked on search engines for the checked keywords.

    For every ranking, there are points. First place rankings get the most points, position 50 gives only one point, no ranking gives no points.

    A visibility score of 100% means that you have first place rankings on all three search engines for all of your keywords.

  • Click the links at the bottom to change the settings of the Ranking Monitor.

Details about every single keyword

The ‘All keywords’ page shows the exact rankings that you have for your keywords:

  • The charts on the top show you the distribution of your rankings and the changes of your rankings compared to the previous ranking.
  • The keyword table shows the keyword for which your website is listed, the position of your site on Google, Google Mobile and Bing for that keyword and the ranking change compared to the previous ranking.
  • You also get the number of monthly local searches for the keywords.
  • Click a keyword in the list to get the details for that keyword.
  • The ranking progression chart shows the position of your website for the keyword since we started to monitor the position of your website for that keyword.
  • The statistics show the best and the worst position of your website for that keyword and the average position.
  • The result snippets show you how your website is listed on search engines for the keyword.
  • The competitors table at the bottom shows you which of the competitors that you monitor are also listed for that keyword.
  • Click the ‘Add keywords’ button at the top of the page to add new keywords to the Ranking Monitor:

  • Enter a list of keywords (one per line).
  • Select the region in which the keywords should be checked. For example, if you want to know the rankings of your website on or, select ‘English – Great Britain’.
  • If you want to check the rankings that are displayed in a particular city, enter the city name.

If you want to view only some of the keywords, use the filters above the table:

Monitor competitors, external pages, YouTube videos, etc.

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler also checks the positions of your competitors for your keywords. You can also check external pages such as your Facebook page, YouTube video URLs, etc.

  • The competitor summary shows you how many rankings your competitors have for your keywords and the changes to the previous date.
  • For each competitor, you get the visibility score on Google, Google Mobile and Bing. The higher the visibility score, the better the rankings.
  • In addition to the summary tables, you get details about the rankings of your competitors on each search engine.

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