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All questions with the tag “Redirect”:

Question Views
1. Does PageRank flow through image links? 1,755
2. Does anchor text carry through all 301 redirects? 1,302
3. In regards to the new canonicalization tag, does it make sense for large corporations to consider placing that tag on every page due to marketing tracking codes and large levels of duplicate URLs like faceted pages and load balancing servers? 1,195
4. We are a pretty big site. We are changing our hosting company in the next few weeks (same country). Should we be scared from an SEO perspective? 1,191
5. Now that Google can crawl JavaScript links, what is going to happen with all those paid links that were behind JavaScript code? 1,103
6. Does Google crawl and treat TinyURLs using a 301 redirect the same as other links? 1,025
7. What is the benefit of using the Change of Address tool in Google Webmaster Tools, compared to just setting up the required 301 redirections to the new site? 989
8. I have a server-side script that automatically redirects visitors to a mobile version of a site if they are using a mobile browser. My question is: What are some things to watch out for (if any) when serving different content based on the visitor? 971
9. Is there a limit to how many 301 (Permanent) redirects I can do on a site? 954
10. What if there are external links to a URL that is not the canonical one? 948
11. What's your take on "addon domains"? 913
12. What is the nofollow equivalent for JavaScript links/redirections (now that you follow those too)? 901
13. When permanently redirecting (301) a large number of domains (read: more than 10) to 1 domain does Google flag this as suspicious? 876

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