Check the readability of your web pages

readability is a ranking factor for the search results

Readability is a ranking factor

Research has shown that businesses and organizations waste millions of dollars by not creating texts that are easy for the average reader to read. Google even uses readability as a ranking factor:

“Since [the Google algorithm] Penguin was launched, MathSight has been analyzing traffic data and has recently been able to confirm – to a 99.9% confidence level – that the algorithm is using the Flesch Kincaid and Dale Chall readability related tests as part of a combination of metrics to evaluate both linking and onsite content.”

improve the readability of your web pages

Improve the readability of your web pages

Readability is the ease with which text can be read and understood. Easy-reading text improves comprehension, retention, and enjoyment.

The readability checker in SEOprofiler shows you the readability score of your website. It checks both Flesch Reading Easy and Flesch-Kincaid Grade-Level. Improve the readability of your web pages and get more sales.

Easy-to-read web pages lead to more sales!

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