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6995629646 /mo
  • 1,500 keywords checked daily
  • audit of 20,000 pages
  • 10 projects 
  • 1 user  
  • standard reports 
  • no link disinfection tool 


9995899665 /mo
  • 3,000 keywords checked daily
  • audit of 50,000 pages
  • 50 projects 
  • 5 users 
  • white-label reports 
  • link disinfection tool 
2499522496164 /mo
  • 7,500 keywords checked daily
  • audit of 150,000 pages
  • 150 projects 
  • 15 users 
  • white-label reports 
  • link disinfection tool 
9999589996659 /mo
  • 30,000 keywords checked daily
  • audit of 750,000 pages
  • unlimited projects 
  • unlimited users 
  • white-label reports 
  • link disinfection tool 

Contact us if you want us to change your existing plan.

If you want to change your SEOprofiler plan, just order the new plan on this page. Your old plan will be canceled automatically. We don’t prorate for partial months.

Your project information will be available in your new plan (if the new plan supports the number of projects that you had before).

All SEOprofiler plans are available as monthly subscription plans. That means that you will be billed every month until you stop your subscription. There are no long term contracts.

You simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again. The paid period won’t be reduced when you cancel your account.

If you choose a plan with yearly payments, you pay for one year in advance and you get a major discount.

All plans include

Website audit tool

Broken link checker

Content analysis

Position tracking

Backlink audit

Backlink analysis

Brand monitoring

Spy on competitor rankings

Spy on competitor ads

Desktop SEO tools

Keyword suggestion tool

Keyword optimization tools

Automated keyword suggestions

Domain research tool

Advertising research tool

Link Manager

Content gap analysis

Ranking opportunities

Ranking alerts

Link suggestions

Data export features

Link Influencer tool

Link opportunities

Mobile SEO tools

Top 10 web page optimizer

Readability checker

Rich results creator

Keyword spy tool

WDF keyword analyzer

Server uptime monitor

On page SEO checker

Indexability checker

Local SEO tools

SEO reports (web-based and PDF)

No location limit

Personal support

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You get more for your money with SEOprofiler

Many more keywords

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler checks every keyword daily on three search engines (Google, Google Mobile and Bing). One keyword in SEOprofiler counts as 21 keywords in other SEO tools (1 keyword * 3 search engines * 7 days).

If another tool offers 1,000 keywords, you actually get 36 keywords from them when you check your keywords daily on three search engines (1,000 / 7 days / 3 search engines).

You get many more keywords for your money with SEOprofiler.

No report limits

Other SEO tools limit the number of reports and/or they have credits that you can use to create your reports. The number of reports in SEOprofiler is not limited. You can create as many reports as you want to create.

Check the links of as many websites as you want, restart the website audit report every day, analyze as many competitors as you want, optimize as many pages as you want, etc.

You get much more information for your money with SEOprofiler.

Everything is included

Other SEO tool providers sell different modules and you have to pay extra for each module (link analysis, content optimization, ranking checks, etc.).

All SEOprofiler plans include the SEO tools shown above.

You get tools for web page optimization, link analysis, keyword research, uptime monitoring, link building, visitor analytics, position checking, etc.

You get many more tools for your money with SEOprofiler.

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