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All questions with the tag “Page Speed”:

Question Views
1. Improving website performance with Page Speed 2,620
2. Should I disallow Googlebot from crawling slower pages? 1,671
3. What impact does "page bloat" have on Google rankings? 1,230
4. Since we're hearing a lot of talk about the implications of Page Speed, I wonder if Google still cares as much about relevancy? 1,190
5. If I use Google Analytics to track conversions on my ecommerce website, would that have a negative effect in Google SERP? 1,171
6. Many SEOs are obsessed about your speed comments, but I get the feeling speed will be a very minor component in ranking. Am I right, or should I be obsessing about load times as well? 1,168
7. PHP performance tips 1,163
8. With the recent news about website speed being included in the Google metrics, how will Google allow for slow third party ad servers (including AdWords) dragging a site's load speed down? 1,156
9. What impact do site load times have on Google rankings? 1,145
10. HTTP caching 1,144
11. Prefetching resources 1,107
12. Minimizing browser flow 1,102
13. I'm trying to make my site faster, but I noticed that Facebook widgets slowed them down. Should I remove them? 1,082
14. Optimizing the order of scripts and styles 1,074
15. Google announced page load speed matters for ranking. Should we be doing content-only pages for Google bots? 1,054
16. Optimizing web graphics. 1,052
17. How gzip works 996
18. Is there a limit to how many 301 (Permanent) redirects I can do on a site? 954
19. How does Google calculate site load times in the data it exposes in Google's webmaster statistics? 944
20. Are Chrome's 'usage statistics' used in evaluating site speed? 944
21. Optional HTML tags 936

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