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Official Google answers to common SEO questions

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All questions with the tag “Local”:

Question Views
1. Introduction to Video Sitemaps 1,204
2. We are a pretty big site. We are changing our hosting company in the next few weeks (same country). Should we be scared from an SEO perspective? 1,191
3. When will Google create a software similar to Web Position so that SEOs, spam fighters and regular webmasters can check rankings etc. without violating the guidelines? 1,187
4. Could you confirm whether the geographic location of the web host has any significant ranking factors for organic SEO? 1,177
5. AdWords allows (and it's pretty accurate) location targeting. Why can't you guys allow multiple country targeting in Webmaster Tools instead of just one? 1,171
6. With a lot of my potential clients, the first words out of their mouth when building a site is "Can you make my site #1 on Google? 1,155
7. How would Google consider (and rank) a site that uses meta data and URLs in a language (Italian) and has the H1 of the pages in another (English) considered more appealing for users? 1,093
8. What impact does server location have on Google rankings? 1,042
9. Can moving my website to 'the cloud' harm my listings? 958
10. Geographic targeting using Webmaster Tools. 933
11. How do a user's location and previous searches affect current and future search results? 875
12. Google is currently showing local results for generic terms (such as "restaurants") even when you don't specify a town/city. Is Google going to start displaying different results based in the location of the IP (even when logged out)? 848
13. Hidden gems of Google – Search with my location. 843
14. Will it be possible to target an OS in AdWords anytime soon? 800

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