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How to optimize your current links with SEOprofiler’s Link Profiler

SEOprofiler’s Link Profiler can help you to optimize the existing links of your website. Optimizing the existing links of your website is one of the fastest ways to increase the rankings of your web pages.

How can optimizing your existing links help?

The anchor texts that are used to link to your web pages greatly influences the position of your pages in the search results. For example, it is likely that a web page will get high rankings on Google and other search engines for the keyword ‘blue widgets’ if many different websites link to the page with anchor texts that contain the words ‘blue widgets’.

As the anchor texts are very important, general texts such as ‘click here’ or ‘more information’ should be avoided. It is better if the links to your website contain the keywords for which you want to get high rankings.

Step 1: Find links with unhelpful anchor texts

To find web pages that link to your website with generic anchor texts such as ‘click here’, select ‘only links with unhelpful anchor texts’ in the ‘Type’ menu and click the ‘Filter results’ button:

unhelpful anchor texts

The result page will only show pages that link to the website without any anchor text or with an unhelpful anchor text. To further filter the search results, you can enter words such as ‘click’ in the “Anchor text contains” box:

link filter

Step 2: Add the page to the Link Manager

Click the ‘+ Link’ button next to a link to add a page to the Link Manager. The Link Manager will automatically retrieve the contact information of the page so that you can quickly contact the owner of the linking website and ask for a change of the anchor text.

Add to Link Manager

Tips and tricks

If too many pages link to your website with exactly the same anchor text, Google might think that the links are artificial. Consider the following when you try to change the anchor texts that point to your website:

  • Use different anchor texts. For example ‘click here for information about blue widgets’, ‘blue widgets and more’, ‘blue widget site’.
  • The links that point to your site should contain different keywords that are related to your business: ‘blue widgets’, ‘green widgets’, ‘widgets’, etc. Each keyword can be used in different variations as mentioned above.
  • Avoid exact match anchor texts. It looks suspicious if many websites link to your website with an anchor text that is a popular keyword on search engines.

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