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How to work with competitor links

Analyzing the existing links of your website is helpful. It is much more important, however, to get new links to your website. SEOprofiler’s Link Profiler can help you to do this.

Websites that link to your competitors are websites that should link to your website. The Link Profiler can help you to find easy link targets

Step 1: Enter the domain of a competitor in the Link Profiler

Search Google for a keyword for which you want to get high rankings on Google. Write down the domains that are listed in Google’s regular search results (i.e. the results that are not marked with a red ‘local’ pin).

Enter one of these domains in SEOprofiler’s Link Profiler and view the result page. The Link Profiler offers a lot of filters that help you to find easy link targets quickly and easily:

Filter your links

Step 2: filter the results by industry and context

A great feature that other links tools do not offer is the fact that the links are categorized by context. For example, it is relatively easy to get links from blog pages. Review websites often link to your website if you offer them products that they can review. There are several other link contexts that you can select:

In addition to the link context, the linking websites are categorized by industry. For example, if your website is in the travel industry, it is usually advisable to get links from other travel websites. The Link Profiler helps you to find these websites:

Filter industry links

Step 3: Add the page to the Link Manager

Click the ‘+ Link’ button next to a link to add a page to the Link Manager. The Link Manager will automatically retrieve the contact information of the page so that you can quickly contact the owner of the other website.

Add to Link Manager

Tips and tricks

  • Add all websites that could be good link partners to the Link Manager in SEOprofiler.
  • Contact the owners of these websites and ask them for a link. Tips and tricks can be found here.

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