High quality links

It’s not enough that many other websites link to your site. The quality of the links is also important. 20 good backlinks are better than 100 low-quality links.

Five factors that define a high-quality link

1. The link uses one of your keywords in the anchor text

If you want to get high rankings for the search term “buy brown shoes,” it helps a lot if the links to your website contain these words. The text that is used to link to your site (the “anchor text”) influences the words for which your website will get high rankings.

The anchor texts in the links to your website should vary, but they should contain the keywords for which you want to get high rankings.

2. The link should come from a relevant page

Links from related web pages usually work better than links from unrelated pages. Links from unrelated pages won’t hurt your rankings, but Google likes links from websites that are related to yours better.

A related page is a web page that has loosely to do with the topic of your website. If you have reason to believe that the visitors of the web page might be interested in what you have to offer, then the other page is a related web page.

3. The link should go to a relevant page on your site

It’s okay to get links to your home page. It’s better to get links to the page that is most relevant to the linked anchor text. If the anchor text is “buy brown shoes,” then you should make sure that the link goes to a page that deals with brown shoes.

If the link text matches the content of the linked pages then it’s more likely that your web page is really relevant to that term and it’s more likely that you’ll get high rankings for that search term.

Linking to the right page also increases the user experience. If a visitor clicks on a “buy brown shoes” link, it’s much more likely that he’ll buy on your site if he gets the correct page.

4. It’s good if the link is from an authority site

Links from pages with high authority will help to increase the Google rankings of your website. The Link Influence Score (LIS) in SEOprofiler’s link building tools helps you to judge the authority score of a website.

5. The link should not have a nofollow attribute

The nofollow attribute tells search engines that they should not follow a link. Links with that attribute don’t help your search engine rankings.

The backlink manager in SEOprofiler checks the pages that link to your website, and it informs you when one of the pages uses the nofollow attribute to link to your site.

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