The influence of outbound links

The links from your website to other sites can also influence the positions of your pages in Google’s search results.

The positive effect of links to other websites

Links to other websites show your website visitors that your website can be trusted. You wouldn’t send visitors to other pages if they could find negative information about your products or services on other sites.

Links to other sites add value to your website; they show your visitors that you have nothing to hide and that you have confidence in your website. The websites to which you link help your website visitors to put your website into a larger context.

If you link to high-quality sites with useful content, web surfers will associate your website with these high-quality sites.

If you do not link to other websites then you simply send your visitors back to search engines. If you offer your website visitors links to other sites, you can send leaving visitors to other websites that can send you their visitors in return. Carefully chosen links to outside resources can improve the experience of visitors who visit your website.

There’s no need to worry

Don’t be afraid that you drive people away by offering links on your website. You either have interesting content on your website or you have not. People eventually will leave your website, no matter how interesting your website is. Even you don’t visit your own website all the time.

The negative effect of links to other websites

Links to other websites can also have a negative effect. If you link to websites that are spammers, then search engines might ban your website from their search results.

Use your common sense: If a website looks shady or if the offers on the website look to good to be true (for example: “Get 500 links per day with our automated system”), then don’t link to that website.

The websites to which you link contribute to the image that web surfers get about your site. Offer your visitors links to good websites with interesting and related content. Don’t be afraid that you drive visitors away.

Give, and you shall receive

This is true for many aspects of life and it also applies to website promotion and link building.

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