Search Engine Optimization Tutorial


Before you proceed with the next step, make sure that you can tick all boxes in the checklist below:

5 things that you should know:

Links are the most important ranking factor for Google, Bing and other major search engines. Without good links, you cannot get high rankings.
In addition to the quantity of the links, the quality of the links is important. A link from a high-quality website is better than 10 links from low-quality sites.
The links that point to your website should contain the keywords for which you want to get high rankings in the anchor text (the linked text). The more links that point to your website with a particular keyword in the anchor text, the more likely it is that your website will get high rankings for they keywords.
Some people don’t want to exchange links. In that case, you can offer the webmaster something else in exchange for a link to your site. Here are some suggestions:
  • I’ll give you a referral if you give me a link.
  • I’ll give you exclusivity in an area for the referrals if you give me a link.
  • I’ll place your number and company name on my directory if you give me a link.
  • Your site is broken and here is how to fix it.
    (For example, broken links, outdated CMS, security issues, etc.)
  • I will write an article for you on the subject of your choice if you give me a link
  • I’m running a competition for people in your niche – would you mind advertising?
To keep a natural link profile, the anchor texts of the links that point to your site should vary. Do not overuse the same anchor text. Vary the texts that are used in links to your website, but make sure that the anchor texts contain keywords that are related to your site.

6 things that you should do:

The fastest way to improve the link structure of your website is to improve the existing links of your site. Use the Link Profiler to optimize the links that already point to your website.
Websites that link to your competitors are websites that could also link to your website. Use the Get competitor links tool to find websites that will link to your site. The tool shows you the websites that are likely to link to your site.
If you want to get high rankings for a particular keyword, you need many links that contain the keyword in the anchor text. The Get keyword links tool shows you which web pages are willing to link to other sites with your target keywords.
Use the Link Influencer tool to find websites that link to at least two of your competitors. It is very likely that websites that link to more than one of your competitors will also link to your website.
The Link Opportunity Finder tool generates web searches that help you to find websites that will link to your site. Use that tool to get additional links.
If you have a new website, the Starter Links help you to quickly get links from websites of a particular category.

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