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The Link Manager

The Link Manager in SEOprofiler makes it as easy as possible to manage your link building activities. It works like this:

  1. You find new websites with the link building tools in SEOprofiler or while surfing the web and add them to the Link Manager by clicking the ‘Add’ button.
  2. The Link Manager retrieves the contact information of the other website and gets additional data.
  3. You contact the webmaster of the other website. The Link Manager keeps track of the conversation.
  4. If another website agrees to link to your site, enter the URL of the linking page in the Link Manager. The Link Manager regularly checks if the link still exists and you will get a warning when the link gets removed.

Here’s an overview of the Link Manager:

  • Click the link partner domain to view the details for that link partner.
  • The square next to the domain name shows you if the website still links to your site. If the link is missing, the square will be red.
  • Link Influence Score and Google PageRank enable you to judge the link partner quality.
  • You can specify a link status (under review, link purchased, etc.) and a contact status (waiting for reply, etc.).
  • The metrics enable you to judge the quality of the link partner.
  • The Link Manager in SEOprofiler offers the powerful Contact Finder Pro™ feature. You will get email addresses, phone and fax numbers, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts and much more contact information for the websites in the Link Manager list.

    There are several companies who will charge you a hefty monthly fee just for this feature alone. Fortunately for you, Contact Finder Pro™ is included in all SEOprofiler plans.

  • When you contact the link partner, you can add this to the contact history. For example, enter “Sent email to [email protected]” and click the ‘Add’ button. The contact history will show that text as well as the date.
  • The link information field shows the URL of the page that links to you. The links are checked automatically.
  • If you want, you can add your notes about the link partner in this field.
  • If possible, the Contact Finder Pro™ feature also gets the postal address of a link partner. The address and a map will be listed in this box.

You can use the link building tools in SEOprofiler to the Link Manager, you can add pages while surfing the web and you can add links manually.

Click the ‘Add link’ link above the Link Manager list if you want to add links manually:

  • Add a list of URLs that you want to add to the Link Manager. If you add more than 20 URLs at once, the Link Manager will get only basic information for each site.

    In that case, click the ‘Find more contact information’ button in the link partner details to get the missing information.

  • You can assign a link status and a contact status to the newly added links.
  • If you want, you can add a source to the links, for example, “imported from existing links page.” That enables you to find out where the links come from when you view them later.

If you only want to view links with a particular status or only links from a particular website, you can filter the links:

The Link Manager in SEOprofiler helps you to manage your link building activities as efficiently as possible. Contact the webmasters of the websites in the Link Manager list and ask them for a link to your site.

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