The keyword management tools

The keyword management tools can be selected on the ‘Collected keywords’ page:

keyword management tools

10 keyword management tools

You can choose the following 10 tools to optimize your keyword lists:

1. Create long tail keywords

The long tail keyword creator creats long tail keywords based on your collected keywords list. Long tail keywords usually have lower bid prices on Google AdWords.

2. Combine keywords (permutator)

The keyword permutator creates different combinations of the keywords that you enter in the tool. This enables you to quickly create many combinations of a term.

3. Supplement keyword lists

It’s often useful to add a qualifier to each keyword in a list (for example, a local city name). The keyword supplementer makes it easy to do this.

4. Replace keywords

Replacing words in your keyword lists can quickly transform a targeted keyword list for one segment into a targeted keyword list for another segment. If your keyword list is closely related to the text of your AdWords ads and the content of the landing page, your ads will get a high Google AdWords Quality Score.

5. Fix and clean keyword lists

The keyword fixer cleans up your keyword list. It converts all keywords to lower case, and removes additional spaces and duplicates. The keywords will also be sorted alphabetically.

6. Remove offensive words

This tool cleans your keyword list from offensive words (e.g. “bitch”) and erotic words (e.g. “striptease”). It recognizes more than 4,500 expressions in English and German. Use this tool to make sure that you don’t inadvertently advertize for offensive words.

7. Create AdWords match types

This tool enables you to quickly create different match type versions of your keywords for Google AdWords. By using the right match type options for your keywords, you will save a lot of money because you won’t pay for keywords that don’t deliver targeted visitors to your site.

8. Get negative keyword lists

By using the right negative keywords in your AdWords campaign, you can exclude clicks that will only cost you money without delivering buyers to your website. The right negative keywords will help you to get more targeted clicks for your advertising budget.

9. American/British keywords converter

This tool converts a keyword list from American English to British English, or vice versa. It knows more than 2,500 different words (lawyer, solicitor) and different spelling rules (color, colour). If you target customers in a local market, you will miss a lot of visitors if you bid for keywords that are not used in that country.

10. Calculate the ad group focus score

The ad group focus score tells you how focused your keyword group is to a single theme. A high ad group focus score helps you to increase the Quality Score of your ads. The higher the Quality Score, the less you have to pay for your ads.

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