The temporary keywords list

The temporary keywords list can be found at the bottom of all keyword tool results pages in SEOprofiler. It shows the keywords that you have collected with the different keyword tools:

temporary keywords list

The temporary keyword list contains all of the keywords that you collected with the different tools in SEOprofiler. It helps you to create targeted keyword lists for your Google AdWords campaigns.

You can optimize the keyword list with the ‘Keyword management tools‘.

What should you do with the collected keywords?

1. Start by using the collected keywords in your Google AdWords ads.

The keywords that you use for an ad group in Google AdWords should have a high ad group focus score. A high ad group focus score helps you to increase the Quality Score of your ads. The higher the Quality Score, the less you have to pay for your ads.

If your keyword list has a low ad group focus score, split the list into multiple targeted keyword lists. Targeted keyword lists with targeted ads lead to better results.

2. Optimize your web pages for the best performing keywords

The keywords that work best in your Google AdWords campaigns are the keywords that you should use with the Top 10 Optimizer.

If you have high rankings in the unpaid search results for these keywords, you will get even more visitors and you will get a higher return on investment.

Optimize as many web pages as possible for your best performing keywords with the Top 10 Optimizer.

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