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How to interpret the search volume numbers

What is the source of the keyword data?

The search numbers come directly from Google and from other sources.

The keyword database in SEOprofiler contains keywords that are searched for on search engines, keywords that are entered in search toolbars, semantically related keywords, keywords that are suggested by auto-suggestion features, keywords that are related to the content on a web page, and much more.

We calculate the number of monthly searches based on a sample of all monthly searches.

Why are the numbers in Google’s keyword planner sometimes different from the numbers I get with the keyword suggestion tool?

The numbers are usually identical to the numbers in Google’s keyword tool. There can be slight differences if the popularity of a keyword has changed dramatically during the last few days.

The search volume should not be the only factor when choosing your keywords. The search volume numbers are a bonus but you shouldn’t focus too much on them. If a keyword is related to your business, you should use it on one of your web pages.

Of course, the search volume is important to find the most popular words. It’s important to know, however, that all keyword tools do not show the actual number of monthly searches. This also applies to Google’s own keyword tool. Google’s keyword tool shows estimates of ad impressions, other keyword tools show the number of searches based on the sample that they can access.

How important are the search volume numbers?

Monthly search numbers can be used to judge the relative popularity of a keyword. Use them with a grain of salt. If a keyword is related to your business, you should use it on one of your web pages. A highly relevant keyword with few searches often has a higher conversion rate than a general keyword with many searches.

Tip: high volume keywords usually aren’t the best keywords

If a keyword is so competitive that your website won’t get on the first result page then this keyword won’t work for you. If you cannot make it on page one then it doesn’t make sense to use that keyword.

In addition, keywords with a high search volume are often very general keywords that do not drive targeted visitors to your site. A targeted keyword with a low search volume will deliver more sales to your website. If you want great results, don’t waste your time on high volume keywords that will deliver worthless traffic to your site. Focus on long-tail keywords that are much more likely to convert.

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