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Official Google answers to common SEO questions

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All questions with the tag “Images”:

Question Views
1. Improving website performance with Page Speed 2,620
2. Does PageRank flow through image links? 1,755
3. How would a photographer gain any significant PageRank for his or her site when the subject that really matters-images-has no anchor text? 1,298
4. What impact does "page bloat" have on Google rankings? 1,230
5. Introduction to Video Sitemaps 1,204
6. Are product description pages on an e-commerce site termed as duplicate content, if the same product description appears on other sites? 1,181
7. Prefetching resources 1,107
8. Specifying an image's license using RDFa 1,090
9. Google announced page load speed matters for ranking. Should we be doing content-only pages for Google bots? 1,054
10. Optimizing web graphics. 1,052
11. Does Google take into account the URL of an image when searching e.g. could appear in a Google search for 'lolcatz'? 995
12. How does Image Search traffic compare to Web Search traffic? 976
13. If search engines rely primarily on textual analysis, how can a site that focuses on audio, video, or other non-textual content improve its rankings? 963
14. JavaScript and email addresses 955
15. Can we feed Googlebot a version of a page that does not contain any advertising code (JavaScript or otherwise)? 946
16. Are Chrome's 'usage statistics' used in evaluating site speed? 944
17. Will Google find text in images someday? 916
18. Hidden gems of Google – Search Options 876

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