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All questions with the tag “Hidden Text”:

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1. What is Google's thinking about links from article marketing, widgets, etc? 1,579
2. A site for my client's competitor shows up on a SERP for keywords that never show up in the site anywhere (not even hidden in the source code). How is this even possible, and isn't this spam? 1,200
3. If it appears that your site has been penalized in SERP position, but you have done nothing wrong and cannot diagnose what the problem is, how do you proceed? 1,154
4. How long should it take for my RDFa markup to appear in search results as a Rich Snippet after completing the submission form? 1,098
5. How not to hide text 1,050
6. "Excessive white space" in the HTML source is bad. Fact, myth, or somewhere in between? 1,037
7. Hidden gems of Google – Search Options 876
8. Hidden gems of Google – Search with my location. 843

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