Automatic search engine submitter

The automatic search engine submitter in SEOprofiler helps you to inform search engines about your website:

search engine auto-submitter

It's very easy: enter the URL of a website, select a category and a country and click the 'Submit URL' button. Before you submit a website, read the following FAQ:

Search engine submission FAQ

Why should I submit my website?

Submitting your website to search engines enables you to inform search engines about your site. Most search engines find new websites through the links on other sites. For that reason, it is technically not necessary to submit your website.

By submitting your website to search engines, you can make sure that search engines will get the URL of your website. Note that Google and other search engines require at least one link from another site before they will list your website in the search results.

It is much more important to optimize the content of your web pages and to get good backlinks.

How does the auto-submitter work?

Enter your information in the "Submit a URL" panel in the auto-submitter. When you click the "Submit URL" button, our servers will submit the website. This can take up to 30 minutes.

The website will be submitted to the best-fitting category and we will always use the free submission option of the search engines. For some search engines, we create temporary email accounts and fill out captchas.

How long does it take until search engines list my website?

It's entirely up to each search engine and directory if and when they list your website. By submitting your website, you only tell search engines that your website exists. The search engines then decide whether they will list your website or not.

Google and some other search engines require at least one backlink from another website before they show a site in the search results.

To make sure that your website gets high rankings for the right keywords, it is important that your site has optimized web pages and good backlinks. You can optimize your web pages with the Top 10 Optimizer and you can good backlinks with the link building tools in SEOprofiler.

Why don't you submit to 2000+ search engines?

Some services promise to submit your website to a higher number of search engines. If you examine the search engine list, you will find that most of them don't exist anymore, they're not active, links are broken, they're spam sites, etc.

Many search engines use the index of Google and Bing. For example, when you submit your website to, it will automatically be submitted to all local Google versions, AOL and many local search engines such as and

Will I receive spam emails after the submission?

No. SEOprofiler handles all confirmation emails.

How often should I submit a website to search engines?

In general, one submission for every website URL should be enough. If your website is not listed after 4-6 weeks, you might want to try again.

Do not submit your website too often as some directories are run by human editors who become annoyed by repeated submissions.

Optimized web pages and good backlinks are much more important than submitting your website to search engines. When you submit your website to search engines, you invite the website robots to visit your web pages. When these robots come to your web pages, they must be able to find good content.

The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler can help you to optimize your web pages so that they get high rankings for your keywords.

How can I add another search engine to the list?

The most important search engines are Google and Bing. Many other websites that seem to be search engines actually use the data of Google and Bing.

If you want to propose an important search engine of your country, make sure that they also provide a submission form and send us only the URL of the submission form in the support ticket system. Do not send us your own link page or link directory or the URL of your own website.

Why are there extra options for Google and Bing?

Some people prefer to submit their websites manually to Google and Bing. That's why these two search engines can be deselected from the submission list.

Do you guarantee inclusion and top ranking on the search engines?

No. It is entirely up to each search engine and directory if and when they list your website. We offer a Top 10 Optimizer tool to make sure that your website will be able to get top rankings on Google.

If you use the Top 10 Optimizer and get a score of 95% or above, then it is extremely likely that your website will be listed on Google's first page (this works for 98% of all users).

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