The social media checker

The social media checker in SEOprofiler checks how often a page of your website has been shared on social media sites.

You will get the following information

  1. How often has the page been liked or shared on Facebook?
  2. How many people have commented on the page on Facebook?
  3. Have your friends commented on the analyzed page?
  4. How often has the page been tweeted on Twitter?
  5. How often has the page been marked on Google +1, Delicious and Digg?
  6. Is the page mentioned on YouTube?

How to use the social media checker

Just enter the URL of the page that you want to check and click the 'Check' button. That's all there is to it.

The social media checker checks the numbers of the exact page, not of the whole website. For example, when you enter then you will get the numbers for and not for or

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