How to change the settings of the audit tool

The website audit tool will automatically check all pages of your website by following the links on your web pages. If a web page cannot be found through the links on your pages, search engines also won't be able to find that page.

By default, the audit tool starts on the index page of your website. To change the start page, click the 'Settings' button in the toolbar:

The audit tool: page panel details

The website audit tool starts the website analysis on the page that you enter in the 'Enter the start URL' edit field.

If you also want to check if the links to external pages still work, tick the 'Check external links' checkbox. Note that the external links count towards the limit of maximum links that can be checked.

Set a link limit

The link limit is for all projects in one account. The 'Enter the maximum number of pages and links that should be crawled' edit field enables you to enter the maximum number of links that should be checked in one project.

The following counts as a link:

Click the 'Save settings' button after changing the settings.

Continue with 'The rel='canonical' attribute'.