Errors and how to fix them

The website audit tool checks your web pages for many different errors. Here's a list with the errors and instructions on how to correct these errors:

Broken links

A broken link is a link to a web page, image or other file that does not work anymore. Broken links lower the perceived quality of your website and they are not good for your website visitors.

Solution: the website audit report shows you the pages that contain the broken links. You will also see the exact links that are broken. Use the tool that you use to edit your web pages to correct the broken links on the page.

Server errors

Server errors can have a negative influence on the rankings of your web pages. The server has trouble delivering the requested page, and that means that search engines cannot access it, either. A list of possible server errors can be found here.

Solution: check the pages that show a server error. Either change the links that point to these pages or ask your web host and server administrator to correct the server problems. A server error can also be caused by an error in a PHP script.

Timeout errors

A timeout error means that the web server did not respond when a page was requested. You might want to double-check if the linked page is always accessible. Search engines might not access the page. The speed of a web page is a factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

Solution: check the web pages with the timeout error and make sure that your web server is always accessible.

Empty titles

The title of a web page is a very important ranking element. The title is also used on search results pages to represent your web page. An empty title tag means that the web page won't be listed and presented as well as possible.

Solution: enter a descriptive title on these web pages. The title should contain keywords that are related to the page and your business.

Duplicate titles

It's not advisable to use the same title on multiple web pages. The title of a web page should be unique and it should be related to the content of the web page.

Solution: enter a unique title on these web pages. Make the titles clear, predictable and irresistible.

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