The 'Audit results' page

The audit results page shows the results of the weekly website audit:

Website audit: the page panel

The results table has six different columns:

How to view the web page details

To view the details of a page, click the URL of a page in the list or click the 'Details' links. The details show the exact things that have to be corrected.

1. The errors, warnings and notices table

In this table, you will find the things that you have to correct:

The audit tool: page panel details

Detailed information about the different error types and how to fix them can be found in chapter 'The error types and how to fix them'.

2. The general information box

The general information box contains general information about the analyzed page. For example, you can see the file size and other information.

3. The Search engine crawler compatibility box

This box enables you to see at a glance if the web page can be indexed by the most important search engines.

4. The referring pages box

The referring pages box shows up to five pages of your website that link to the analyzed page.

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