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A powerful rank monitor with actionable items

The Ranking Monitor offers many great features to make sure that you can work as efficiently as possible:

ranking checker

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler offers more useful features than any other ranking checker:

Everything at a glance: the ‘Overview‘ panel in the Ranking Monitor shows you basic information about the rankings of your web pages. You get the number of rankings, the average position, the visibility score and much more.
Detailed information for each keyword: You can check the position of your web pages for any keyword with the Ranking Monitor. You will get detailed information about the position of your pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing, ranking progression charts, trends and changes and more.
Find the top performers of your website: The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler automatically checks the position of all web pages of your website. You only have to enter your domain name. You will get the pages of your website that have the most rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the checked keywords. Of course, you also get comprehensive page details.
Invest your time wisely: The ‘Opportunities’ panel is a great feature that helps you to invest your time wisely. You will get keywords for which you can get first place rankings, top 3 rankings or first page rankings relatively easily.

By focusing on the keywords that will get as many more visitors as possible to your website, you will invest your time efficiently.

Quickly identify problems: The ‘Alerts’ panel in the Ranking Monitor shows keywords and web pages whose rankings dropped dramatically. This enables you to identify potential problems as quickly as possible.
Keep track of the competition: The Ranking Monitor does more than giving you valuable information about the position of your website. It also checks the rankings of your competitors for your keywords. You will quickly see which of your competitors have better rankings than your site.
Work with the raw data: If you prefer your own analysis tools, you can use the CSV export file of the Ranking Monitor. It includes all keywords with their Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings. The export file enables you to work with your ranking data in other applications, for example, you can import the file into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft® Excel® or OpenOffice.
Create impressive reports for your clients: The Ranking Monitor can create impressive reports that you can show your clients and your boss. You can specify the contents of the reports and you can customize the reports with your own colors, your own headers and footers, your own company logo and your own texts. Your clients won’t find out that you use SEOprofiler to create the reports.

The new Ranking Monitor has been integrated with the other tools in SEOprofiler. For example, the keyword research tools contain a button that enables you to quickly add keywords to the Ranking Monitor. In addition, the Ranking Monitor enables you to quickly access the Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler.

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  • Ranking monitor: Get detailed ranking checks on Google, Yahoo and Bing with actionable items.
  • Website optimizer: A reliable website optimization tool that delivers results. Get high rankings for your keywords.
  • Competitive intelligence: Get the most detailed competitive backlink, ranking and AdWords analysis.
  • High quality backlinks: Get great backlinks with powerful backlink buildings tools and a sophisticated link manager.
  • Regular website audit: Weekly health checks of your web pages. Fully compatible with Google's latest 2013 algorithm.
  • Many more powerful tools...
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