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I have a client who was hacked. The SEO consultant said things were cleaned up, but they weren't correctly. All 30,000 viagra/cialis type and paid links have been removed, but no improvement in SERPs. We send reconsideration. What do we do now?

Google's Matt Cutts answers:

Summary of the answer:

Do a 'site colon' search and look for viagra etc to ensure the pages have gone.

Look in Webmaster Tools and see which keywords are showing up e.g. if they are spam or porn.

You might also look on the webmaster help forum

Make sure that you have a current patched version of your software, e.g. if you are running wordpress then update it.

More information can be found by searching for: 'google webmaster blog hacked'.

When you are sure it is all cleaned up send another reconsideration request.

Answered: 6 March 2009. Views: 974.

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