A Bing insider talks about search engine optimization

On the official Bing blog, Bing’s Duane Forrester shared insights on search engine optimization. Duane Forrester is Senior Product Manager of Bing’s Webmaster Tools and he knows what he’s talking about.

Insider information

Here are his main statements:

1. Links still matter

Despite many algorithm updates that target low quality links, backlinks still matter:

“They are still a trust signal that can help ranking. […] The kind [of backlinks] where your site impressed someone enough that they blogged about it, or shared it socially. […] These are best as they allow the engines the strongest confidence that the link is trustworthy.”

2. Reciprocal links are fine

“Reciprocal links still have value. Shocked? Don’t be, as the value may not be what you’re thinking. They don’t hold a lot of value in terms of lifting rankings, but they are capable of driving traffic to your site, so a recip link can be useful for new sites in terms of direct traffic, and these links can help us find your content I the first place.”

According to our own research, reciprocal links do have a positive influence on your search engine rankings if they come from the right website. It usually does not matter if a link is one-way or reciprocal as long as the link comes from a related website with good quality.

3. Don’t buy Likes, Tweets and Retweets

Duane Forrester says that you shouldn’t buy Likes to improve your popularity:

“We all want ‘em, and therein lies the problem. Because likes are sought after, people try to sell them. […]

Similar to how a link farm operates, like farms exist, promising to supply hundreds or thousands of likes in a short period. Yeah, yeah, they claim to be ‘all natural, totally organic’, etc. Simply put, they are not and are easily seen.”

Basically, there’s nothing new in Duane’s advice. Do not try to cheat Bing or Google. It will backfire on you. Search engine optimization is not the same as spamming.

If you want to get high rankings that last, use safe SEO methods that play by the rules. Safe SEO methods are good for search engines, web searchers and businesses: search engines get better results, web searchers get what they are looking for, businesses get more customers.

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