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  • Starting today, you can access your Google Analytics data within SEOprofiler. In addition to that, you can create great-looking PDF reports in your company design with your analytics data:
    • You can get all important statistics in your SEOprofiler account.
    • You can create impressive analytics reports for your clients in your company design.

    Everything at a glance:

    Analytics overview

    The charts are dynamic. You can click and drag in the plot area to zoom in and you can filter pieces from the pie charts.

    Social network statistics

    The analytics reports offer quick access to your social network statistics. Quickly see how many visitors you received from different social networks. You will also see how many of these people completed a goal on your website:

    Your top keywords and their conversion rates

    Of course, the analytics report also shows your top keywords and the conversion rates of these keywords:

    The most important pages of your website

    The report shows the pages on your website that get the most visitors and the pages on your website that lead to the most conversions:

    Everything you need to know about your visitors

    From which countries do your website visitors come? Do they use mobile devices to access your website? If yes, which devices do they use? How much of your website do your visitors see? The analytics section in SEOprofiler has the answer to these questions:

    High quality reports in your company design

    If you manage websites for clients, you can use the analytics section in SEOprofiler to create high quality PDF reports for your clients. The reports have no reference to SEOprofiler, and you can use your own company logo and your own colors.

    In addition, you can offer your clients web-based analytics reports in your company design. Your clients will think that you analyze their visitors for them.

    If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now:

    Try SEOprofiler now for $1!

    Please tell your friends and colleagues about SEOprofiler and click one of the following buttons:

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