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  • Thank you for your feedback!

    Although we launched the beta version last Thursday without sending a press release or other public relation activities, over 150 users created an SEOprofiler account during the last days.

    We launched the beta version in some kind of “stealth mode” because we expected that there might have been some undiscovered bugs. Only a few people were informed by email about the release.

    Fortunately, there weren’t too many bugs and we were able to fix them immediately. Thanks to your feedback, we also could improve some things on

    • The Basic Analysis pages now contain help texts for the Rank progression chart.
    • Many minor improvements on several pages.
    • The Premium Analysis now shows nofollow attributes on all pages. In addition, the title of the linking page, the destination page and the link text are also available on all category pages (most important links, links from most trusted sites, links from directories, etc.).

    Here’s a screenshot of a Premium Analysis chapter that illustrates the changes:

    Your free report is waiting for you

    If you haven’t done it yet, create a free Premium Analysis for your own website now. The analysis is 100% free, it contains up to 10,000 backlinks (30,000 for paid members) and you get much more information than from any other backlink analysis tool:

    1. Create a free account.
    2. Request the free backlink analysis with up to 30,000 links.

    Spread the word

    Many SEOprofiler visitors liked our site so much that they posted it on Twitter and other social networks. For example, the Internet Explorer 8 team found our statistics page remarkable:

    If you like SEOprofiler, please link to us and bookmark on Digg, Reddit and other social bookmark services. You can use the following button to do so:


    We welcome your feedback!

    The better we know your needs, the better we can improve SEOprofiler for you. Let us know which features you are missing and tell us what we should improve.

    Your feedback is vital in our efforts to improve SEOprofiler so that it fits your needs!

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