Hub Finder Pro™, Backlink IQ™ and more tools for paid members

Thank you again for your continued feedback through different sources. Thanks to your input, we could improve many parts of SEOprofiler and we’re also working on new tools that will help you to get even better results with SEOprofiler. Here are the most important changes:

1. More backlink information for paid members

  • Starting today, paid members get the 20 most popular anchor text for each domain in the basic analysis. The most popular anchor texts are a strong indicator of the keywords for which the domain has the best rankings on Google.Paid members can check as many domains as they want per month.Of course, you can still get all anchor texts that are used to link to a website (and much more useful information) in the Link IQ™ report for a domain.
  • In addition, all paid members now get a list of the 10 strongest pages of a domain in the basic analysis. The strongest pages of a domain are the pages that will have the biggest influence on the position of your website in search engines if they link to your site.Paid members can check as many domains as they want per month.Of course, the Link IQ™ reports contain more than the 10 strongest pages of the analyzed domain.

    This enables paid members to find the best pages for backlinks on as many domains as they want.

2. Hub Finder Pro™ coming soon

We’re working on a great new tool with the name Hub Finder Pro™. The new tool will help you to get top 10 rankings on Google with as few links as possible for the keywords of your choice.

Hub Finder Pro™ will make it much easier for link builders to achieve high rankings on Google. Details will be published in this blog soon. Subscribe to the blog feed now. :-)

3. Backlink IQ™ is the new Premium Analysis

We have greatly improved the Premium Analysis reports since our beta release. The reports now contain even more detailed information than before and they help you to get detailed insight into the backlink structure of your competitors.

Armed with the information of the reports, you can reverse-engineer the Google rankings of your competitors and you can use that information to outrank your competitors on Google, Bing and other search engines.

For that reason, we have renamed the Premium Analysis to Backlink IQ™. If you haven’t created a Backlink IQ™ report for your own website yet, create a free account now and request your free Backlink IQ™ report.

We’re continually improving SEOprofiler. If you have comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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