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  • Step by step: how to work with the Top 10 Optimizer

    On Tuesday, we explained how the top 10 ranking guarantee on SEOprofiler works. Many people wanted to know more about the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler. If you haven’t worked with the Top 10 Optimizer yet, here’s a step-by-step description:

    Step 1: open the Top 10 Optimizer

    Login to SEOprofiler and select the Top 10 Optimizer in the ‘Optimization’ section:

    Step 2: enter your web page URL and the keyword

    The the URL of the web page that you want to see on Google’s first result page. Then enter the keyword for that you want to be listed and select the Google version:

    Click the ‘Get high ranking pages’ button to proceed to the next step.

    Step 3: the Top 10 Optimizer retrieves the comparison pages

    In the next step, the Top 10 Optimizer retrieves the comparison pages. The web pages that currently have high rankings on Google must have done everything right. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have high rankings.

    For that reason, it makes sense to analyze the contents, the backlinks and the social ranking factors of these high ranking pages.

    Click the ‘Create Top 10 Optimizer report’ button to create the report. We have to retrieve a lot of data to create the report. For that reason, it takes some time until you can see the result (about 1-3 minutes, depending on the chosen keyword).

    Step 4: view the ranking score

    The ranking score is a short summary of the Top 10 Optimizer report. It shows the progress of your optimization activities. The higher the ranking score, the less you have to change on your web page:

    Step 5: view the table of contents

    The table of contents shows the different elements that have been analyzed by the Top 10 Optimizer. For each element, you can so how many things you have to do. The ‘Score’ column shows the influence of the element on the overall ranking score.

    The Top 10 Optimizer analyzes all elements that are needed to get high rankings on Google: backlinks, on-page optimization, social media mentions and technical factors:

    Click on a chapter name to view the corresponding chapter in the report.

    Step 6: view the chapters and apply the changes

    By default, the chapters only show a summary (the report page would be too long if each chapter displayed the full details:

    Click the ‘View details’ link to view the details of the chapter:

    Change all web page elements that are marked with the alert symbol. “Improve” means that you should increase the keyword density in the analyzed element. “Over optimized” means that you should decrease the keyword density in the analyzed element.

    There are many other advice texts in the Top 10 Optimizer report that are self-explanatory. Adjust the elements on your web page until you get the passed OK symbol for all elements.

    In this example, the keyword density for the single words “real”, “estate”, “agent” and “knoxville” combined is too low. That means that you should add these words in H1-H6 tags on your web page. Click the ‘How does it work’ panel on the Top 10 Optimizer page to get detailed information on how to change the elements.

    A detailed analysis of all relevant factors

    The Top 10 Optimizer also analyzes other factors such as the backlinks of a website and the number of mentions on social networks. The link building tools in SEOprofiler help you to improve the backlinks that point to your website. For example, the ‘Current links optimizer’ helps you to optimize the backlinks that your website already has.

    SEOprofiler offers many more tools that help you to get new links to your website. The link building tools are available at Dashboard > Your project > Link building in SEOprofiler.

    Always up-to-date and accurate results

    The optimization method of the Top 10 Optimizer has several advantages:

    • The Top 10 Optimizer always works with Google’s latest ranking algorithm because it is based on the analysis of the current top 3 results. That means that the advice is always-up-to date, specific and accurate.
    • The advice is custom-tailored to your web page and your keyword. You get detailed advice on how to get your web page for your keyword on Google’s first result page.
    • Individual ranking algorithms are automatially taken into account. Google uses different algorithms based on the type of the keyword (keywords for research, commercial keywords, etc.). The Top 10 Optimizer automatically takes this into account and you will get custom advice that is based on the exact ranking algorithm for your keyword.

    The Top 10 Optimizer is the fastest way to get your web pages on Google’s first result page.

    Top 10 rankings on Google or money back!

    The Top 10 Optimizer works so well that we can offer a top 10 ranking guarantee. If your website is not listed on Google’s first result page after using the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler, you will get your money back!

    Create your free SEOprofiler account now!

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