A very warm welcome to all WebMeUp users

The web-based SEO tool WebMeUp will close its doors on July, 11th. SEOprofiler is a great alternative for WebMeUp users. SEOprofiler will help you to get things done as efficiently as possible.

Everything you need

web page optimization tools

SEOprofiler offers a complete suite of powerful SEO tools that will help you to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

You get everything you need to get your web pages on the first result page on Google and other search engines.

The easiest way to keep track of your search engine rankings

ranking checker

SEOprofiler provides you with a powerful ranking monitor that checks the positions of your web pages for all of your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in many countries and regions.

The ranking monitor in SEOprofiler offers many extras: you get the search numbers of the keywords, you get actionable items, alerts and many more things that help you to get things done as quickly as possible.

Spy on your competitors

competitor spy

SEOprofiler offers powerful competitive intelligence tools that enable you to spy on the backlinks, Google AdWords ads and Google rankings of your competitors.

The competitor spy tools in SEOprofiler enable you reveal the secret SEO strategies of your competitors, so that you can outrank them quickly and easily.

SEOprofiler is the only tool that offers you full access to the Google AdWords ads, the Google rankings and the backlink data of your competitors.

Get high-quality backlinks

link building tools

Backlinks are the most important ranking signal for Google and other major search engines. Google’s recent updates have shown that the quality of the backlinks is extremely important.

The backlink building tools in SEOprofiler help you to get high-quality backlinks that are fully compliant with Google’s rules. They are compatible with Google’s latest June 2014 ranking algorithm. SEOprofiler also offers a Link Disinfection tool.

Find the best keywords

keyword suggestion tool

Keywords are the cornerstone of successful search engine optimization campaigns. The sophisticated keyword research tools in SEOprofiler help you to get the perfect keywords for your website.

SEOprofiler offers several powerful tools that deliver the best keywords for organic SEO and paid search marketing.

Get keyword suggestions, get your competitors’ keywords, determine the keyword difficulty, optimize keyword lists for Google AdWords, and more.

Protect your online reputation

social media checker

What do other people say about your company and your products on Twitter and other social networks? SEOprofiler has all the answers. Quickly react to positive and negative reviews.

SEOprofiler will also tell you how often your pages are liked, tweeted and mentioned on social networks.

Website analytics

Website analytics

SEOprofiler integrates with your Google Analytics account. You get easy-to-read reports that help you to better understand your website visitors.

SEOprofiler enables you to create impressive analytics reports for your clients. Who are their visitors? How many people come from social networks? Which social network sends the most visitors? Which page has the highest conversion rate? Which keyword has the best performance? The analytics reports in SEOprofiler have the answer to these questions.

Automatic website audits

SEO website audit

You get weekly website health checks with SEOprofiler. Quickly fix errors that have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website.

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler automtically finds duplicate content problems, canonical URLs, broken links, tags that can be improved, etc.

With the website audit tool in SEOprofiler, you can make sure that Google and other search engines can index all of your pages correctly.

Create impressive white-label reports

seo report

You never get a second change to make a first impression. SEOprofiler enables you to create beautiful PDF reports for your boss or your clients.

Use your own company logo, your own colors, your own headers and footers, your own text, etc. Your clients won’t find out that you used SEOprofiler to create the reports.

SEOprofiler also offers a scheduler that automatically creates and sends the reports. Lean back and let the SEOprofiler scheduler do the work for you.

Platform independent

SEO tool for iPad, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac

SEOprofiler is a web-based SEO software tool that can be accessed from any device, including Macs, Windows PC, Linux computers and iPads.

Your data is available when you need it. No matter where you are and no matter which device you use to access SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler helps you to get things done.

Try SEOprofiler risk-free!

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Tom Cassy

Tom Cassy is the CEO of SEOprofiler. He blogs about search engine optimization and website marketing topics at “http://blog.seoprofiler.com”.