Welcome to the all new SEOprofiler! 10 times new!

After half a year of development, we are proud to give you access to major new features in SEOprofiler.
There are many improvements and new features.

1. New: Google AdWords intelligence

You can now find out how your competitors manage their Google AdWords ads. Learn which ad copies they use, for which keywords they bid, which landing pages they use, etc. Our AdWords intelligence tools support 15 countries.
In addition, we offer AdWords tutorials that help you to get the best possible results with your AdWords campaigns.

2. New: Google ranking intelligence

Spy on your competitors and see for which keywords they are listed in Google’s unpaid results. See for which keywords your own website is listed all over the world.

3. New: Top 10 Optimizer

Optimize your web pages for any keyword with the new Top 10 Optimizer tool. It is the most comprehensive optimization tool on the market, analyzing backlinks, anchor texts, keyword usage and social media metrics.

In addition, we now help you to get high rankings on Google Places, to increase your conversions and with social media sites.

4. New: Quicker and more detailed backlink analysis

Now you can see and analyze the backlinks for any domain instantly. You don’t have to wait minutes for a report anymore. The new backlink tools enable you to find high quality backlinks.

5. New: More powerful keyword research tools

SEOprofiler now provides many, many more keywords for 15 countries and 7 languages, including new metrics such as the number of search results and the number of AdWords ads for every keyword.

Of course, we still offer our previous keyword tools that help you to optimize your keyword lists for SEO and SEM.

6. New: Project management

Now you can use projects to manage your websites and/or clients.

7. New: SEO help and tutorials

We have added many new checklists and tutorials that help you to understand and succeed with all aspects of SEO and PPC. In addition, there are some new smaller tools such as the Social Media Checker to check your success with Facebook, Twitter & Co.

8. New: Simpler navigation

All SEOprofiler pages now feature a heading line that tells you exactly where you are, which project is selected, and it provides quick access to all SEOprofiler tools.

9. New: new plans and prices

You don’t have to count and track credits anymore. You can use every tool as often as you want! You can find the new limitations on the pricing page: http://www.seoprofiler.com/pricing

10. New: improved free analysis

The free analysis now offers even more information. In addition to the backlinks, you will get information about the AdWords ads and the rankings of your competitors. Just enter a domain name on the SEOprofiler index page to test the new free analysis.


It’s going to be even better!

SEOprofiler is still beta. Throughout the next few weeks, the ranking and AdWords databases will contain even more data.
We’re also working on many new features that will make SEOprofiler even better. The sooner you inform us about your wishes, the sooner we can integrate them in SEOprofiler.
  • What would you improve?
  • Which tools exactly do you need to work more efficiently?
  • What is the perfect SEO tool for you?
  • Which features do you miss in SEOprofiler?

We want to make sure that SEOprofiler offers everything that you need to get things done as efficiently as possible.

Please let us know what you like and what you don’t like. Your suggestions will help us to make sure that SEOprofiler is the right tool for your needs.

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