WDF? How to find the most relevant keywords on a page.

Are your web pages relevant to the right keywords? Do search engines find the right keywords on your web pages? Which keywords do your competitors consider as important? The new WDF Relevant Keywords Analyzer in SEOprofiler has the answers to these questions.

Introducing the new WDF Relevant Keyword Analyzer

The new WDF Relevant Keyword Analyzer in SEOprofiler determines the most relevant keywords on a web page. Just enter the URL of a web page and get immediate results:

WDF Relevant Keywords Analyzer

The tool shows the WDF, the keyword density based on words, the keyword density based on characters and the total frequency of the keywords on the analyzed page.

WDF: keyword density with an extra twist to get better results

WDF is the abbreviation for “Within-Document Frequency”. The WDF value tries to determine the most relevant words of a text. In contrast to the keyword density, the WDF is not calculated through a simple rule of three.

The WDF formula contains two logarithms that make sure that the value cannot be manipulated by over-using the keyword on a page.

The WDF formula is:

In this formula, i is the keyword, j is the page, L is the total number of words on the page and Frequ(i,j) is the frequency of the keyword on the page.

This looks complicated but it’s rather easy. Think of WDF as some kind of ‘normalized’ keyword density value with an extra filter to get better results. The higher the WDF, the more relevant is a keyword. The maximum WDF is 1.00.

Note that there is no perfect WDF value that a keyword should have. The different WDF values help you to compare the relevancy of different keywords on a page.

Find the topical focus of your pages

The WDF Relevant Keywords Analyzer helps you to find the most relevant keywords of a web page. You can find out which keywords your competitors consider as important, and you get new keyword ideas for your own website.

Many more keyword research tools

You can find the new WDF Relevant Keywords Analyzer in the ‘Keywords’ section in SEOprofiler.

The new WDF Relevant Keywords Analyzer is only one of many keyword research tools that you get with SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler also offers a keyword suggestion tool for 41 countries and languages, you can spy on the keywords that your competitors use in their Google AdWords campaigns, and much more.

If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now:

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