Are the tweets about your company positive, negative, or neutral?

Chances are that people are talking about your company and your products on Twitter. Are their comments positive, negative, or neutral? The Social Network Monitor in our web-based Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler helps you to to react quickly to customer comments.

Step 1: specify the words that you want to monitor:

Enter the keywords, brand names, company names, etc. that you want to monitor. You can also monitor blogs that are related to your business.

enter your keywords

Step 2: see who’s talking about your company and your products

social network monitor

In addition to Twitter, the social media inbox monitor also enables you to monitor your favorite blogs. You can answer all posts by clicking the “Reply” link in the Social Network Monitor in SEOprofiler.

It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s efficient.

Find the most important posts quickly and easily

You can find the most popular tweets by sorting them by the amount of retweets or favorites. You can also filter messages that contain particular keywords, get the messages from people who have the most followers, sort the messages by sentiment and find particular authors.

The comprehensive filters in the social media inbox monitor help you to do this as efficiently as possible.

More than social networks: a complete website promotion tool

The Social Network Monitor is only one of many powerful website promotion tools that you get with SEOprofiler. If you haven’t done it yet, try it now:

Try SEOprofiler now

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Tom Cassy

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