Step-by-step: how to get a link profile that leads to high rankings for your most important keywords

Getting a good backlink profile that leads to high rankings can be very difficult. This article shows you step-by-step how to build a backlink profile that will get your website on the first result page for your most important keywords.


Step 1: Find the most important websites

Finding the most important websites is easy. Get a list of the 10 most important keywords for which you want to be found. Do not use the keywords through which you currently get the most visitors but the keywords for which you want to be ranked in the future.

Then search Google for these keywords and write down the pages that are listed in the top 10 results for these keywords. If you do this with 10 keywords, you will have a list of 100 web pages.

In a perfect world, these 100 web pages would be willing to link to your site. Unfortunately, they usually aren’t. That’s why you have to proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Get links from pages hat link to the top sites

Instead of getting links from the top ranked sites, try to get links from the web pages that link to the top ranked sites. This is often much easier. The sites that link to the top ranked sites have shown that they are willing to link to other sites.

If your own website is similar to the top ranked sites, or if it is a direct competitor, it is likely that the linking sites will also link to your site:

  1. Enter the domain of the top ranked pages in OpenLinkProfiler.
  2. Add the linking pages to the link manager.
  3. Contact the websites and ask them to link to your own site.
More often than not, this method leads to very good results. You can get even better results, if you also get links as described in step 3.

Step 3: Get links from pages that are linked by the top sites

If you get links from pages that are linked from the top ranked pages, you will indirectly benefit from the link power of the pages that currently have top rankings for your targeted keywords.

Links from these sites show search engines that your website is relevant to the topic. That increases the likelihood that your web page will be included in the search results for these keywords.

  1. Visit the top ranked pages and check the web pages to which they link.
  2. Add these pages to the link manager.
  3. Contact the websites and ask them to link to your own site.

Of course, these second-tier links are not as valuable as direct links from the top-ranked pages. However, they are still very valuable and chances are that they are more valuable than many other links that you can get.

If you follow these three steps, changes are that your web pages will be ranked for your most important keywords soon.

Don’t forget that your linked web pages must also contain these keywords. Although good backlinks are a very important factor in the ranking algorithm, it is also important that the content of your web pages is related to your targeted keywords.

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