Show me the money: how to earn $1,309.00/month with four low-competition keywords

SEO is about growing sales. It’s not about getting high rankings or about getting more website visitors. The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to increase your revenue.

If you focus on the right keywords, SEO can help you to greatly increasea your revenue. This article helps you to optimize your search engine optimization campaigns so that you get the best possible financial results.

Step 1: collect low-competition keywords

To get an idea of the additional revenue that your website could get with higher rankings, you need the follwing data:

  1. A list of keywords for which your website does not have high rankings.
  2. The monthly search volume of these keywords.
  3. The conversion rate of your website.
  4. The average order value.

The keyword tool in SEOprofiler will show you the monthly search volume of your keywords. The average order value and the conversion rate of your website can be found in your website analytics program (if you track that data).

Step 2: calculate how much more you will earn

Let’s say that the average conversion rate (CR) is 1% and that the average order has a value of $100. We assume that SEOprofiler helps you to get your website on position 4 on Google’s result page for these keywords. Position 4 is a realistic goal for an average keyword that consists of more than 2 words.

The average click-through-rate (CTR) for a position 4 listing is 6.10%. If 1000 people search for a keyword, 6.10% of them will click the position 4 listing. The average position 3 listing gets 9.94% of all clicks and the top result gets 43.27% of all clicks. Depending on the keyword, these positions are achievable.

The following table shows how much more you will earn if you manage to get high rankings for 4 low-competition keywords with a low monthly search volume:

Keyword Searches Position CTR Number of visitors CR Value per order Additional revenue
keyword 1 1,000 4 6.10% 61 1% $100.00 $61.00
keyword 2 4,500 3 9.94% 447 1% $100.00 $447.00
keyword 3 2,500 4 6.10% 152 1% $100.00 $152.00
keyword 4 1,500 1 43.27% 649 1% $100.00 $649.00
Total: $1,309.00/month

Step 3: rinse and repeat

Keywords with a low search volume can have a major impact on your website profits. It’s much easier to get high rankings for low-competition keywords.

Optimize your web pages for many low-competition keywords and you will make more money. Of course, you can try to get high rankings for competitive keywords with high search volumes. In general, it is better to invest your time and efforts in the low-competition keywords.

The tools in SEOprofiler will help you to get your web pages on Google’s first page for your keywords. If you haven’t done it yet, try SEOprofiler now for $1 (this offer is available once per customer):

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