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Having high rankings in Google’s mobile search results is very important. More than 50% of all searches on Google happen on mobile devices. In addition, Google has a market share of more than 95% on smartphones and tablets.

If your website is listed in Google’s search results on mobile devices, your website will get many more visitors and potential customers.

How to optimize your pages for high rankings on mobile

Google has a ‘mobile-friendly’ search algorithm. Although most of the results on mobile devices are the same, some are different because Google prefers pages that can be displayed correctly on mobile phones.

If you want to optimize your web pages specifically for high rankings in Google’s mobile results, select “Optimize for mobile results” in the Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler:

new Top 10 Optimizer for mobile rankings

The Top 10 Optimizer will tell you what to do to make sure that the page gets high rankings for the chosen keyword in Google’s search results for mobile devices.

Focus on topics, not on keywords

Modern search engine algorithms focus on topics, not on individual keywords. It is not necessary to use every possible keyword variation on your web pages (for example ‘cheap travel insurance’, ‘cheapest travel insurance’, ‘cheap travel insurances’, etc.).

It is much more important that the content is related to a particular topic (‘cheap travel insurance’, ‘traveling’, ‘do I need a travel insurance’, etc.).

Optimize many pages of your site

To get the best results, optimize different pages of your website for different search terms that are all related to the main topic of your site.

If you do that, you will make sure that your site becomes relevant to a particular topic. It will be much easier to get high rankings for the individual keywords then.

Higher rankings and more customers

High rankings for the right keywords lead to more customers. SEOprofiler offers many powerful tools that help you to get targeted visitors to your website. If you haven’t done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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