SEOprofiler vs Moz: 7.83 times more links with SEOprofiler

Some days ago, Moz announced an update of their backlink database. We compared the backlink database of SEOprofiler to Moz in the past and found out that SEOprofiler found 238% more links on average that time.

With Moz’ latest update, it was time to take another look at the differences between our databases. It seems that our SEOprofiler link database still is very good:

Moz compared to SEOprofiler

For the domain, Moz found 5052 different sites that link to The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler found 39,593 sites (7.83 times more sites).

We haven’t added more examples this time. Just test and verify it for yourself: Create a free SEOprofiler account and go to Your project > Link Profiler.

We’re confident that you will very good results with the Link Profiler link database in SEOprofiler.

How is the link database in SEOprofiler different?

  1. No historical index

    We do not have a ‘historical’ link index. While it might be interesting to know which sites linked to another site in the past, these links do not have an influence on the current rankings of the linked website.

    The link database in SEOprofiler only contains the backlinks that have been active during the last 90 days. That enables you to get the links that currently influence the rankings of a site.

  2. No internal links

    Our link database does not contain internal links. For example, Moz shows a total of 163k links to A lot of these links are internal links, i.e. links from to other pages on

    We do not list internal links in our database as they don’t help you to evaluate the influence of links from other sites to your site.

  3. Comprehensive filters
  4. The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler offers comprehensive filters that enable you to find exactly the links that you’re looking for:

    Link Profiler filters

    The Link Profiler tool in SEOprofiler shows the most popular pages, the most popular anchor texts, links that might be harmful, etc.

It’s up to you

Don’t get us wrong. The people at Moz do a great job with their backlink database. However, if you’re looking for an alternative that also offers many other SEO tools, then SEOprofiler might be a good alternative for you.

We offer different plans at different prices. You can view our plans at ““.

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