New in SEOprofiler: keyword suggestions for Singapore and Switzerland

We have extended the keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler. In addition to the existing countries and languages, the keyword suggestion tool now supports Singapore (English) and Switzerland (French):

keyword tool for Singapore and Switzerland

We have also greatly extended the keyword databases for Turkey (Turkish) and Australia (English).

Many more countries and keyword tools

In addition to many other things, SEOprofiler offers a powerful keyword suggestion tool that offers keywords for many countries and languages:

keyword regions

You also get a keyword difficulty tool, keyword optimization tools, and many other powerful SEO tools with SEOprofiler.

Better keywords lead to better results

Keywords are the cornerstone of successful search engine optimization. With the right keywords, you will attract the right customers. With the wrong keywords, you will waste a lot of time and money. SEOprofiler helps you to find the right keywords:

Try the keyword tool now!

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Tom Cassy

Tom Cassy is the CEO of SEOprofiler. He blogs about search engine optimization and website marketing topics at “”.

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