Welcome to the new SEOprofiler interface

We have updated the SEOprofiler interface to make our search engine optimization tools even more accessible. When you log in to your SEOprofiler account, you will see the following project overview page:

Quick and easy access to all tools

With the new user interface, you can access all tools and all sub pages of the tools from all pages. Select a category in the menu on the left and then choose the page that you want to view:

Support at your fingertips

The project menu in the menu bar at the top enables you to quickly access your projects. The user menu in the top bar enables you to manage your account and the help menu offers quick access to all important help pages. Of course, the pages in SEOprofiler also offer help pages that are directly related to the selected tool:

The new SEOprofiler interface makes it even easier than before to work with the powerful tools in SEOprofiler. If you have a small monitor, you can use the button in the top left corner of the new interface to minimize the menu.

What’s next?

The next big item on our to-do list is a much improved backlink analysis system that will give you access to the freshest backlinks on the Internet. The new backlink database will be a major leap that will help you to dramatically improve the backlinks of your website.

A complete search engine optimization suite

SEOprofiler offers you everything you need to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. You get tools for keyword research, web page optimization, link building, rankings, website analytics, weekly website audits, and much more.

If you haven’t done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now. We’re sure that you will like it:

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Tom Cassy

Tom Cassy is the CEO of SEOprofiler. He blogs about search engine optimization and website marketing topics at “http://blog.seoprofiler.com”.

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