New in SEOprofiler: improved Ranking Monitor export and filters

Your feedback is vital in our efforts to improve SEOprofiler. Fortunately, we have received a lot of feedback from you.

For example, the new Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler offers many new powerful features such as ranking checks of external pages, mobile rankings checks, daily ranking updates, and more.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback after the release of the new Ranking Monitor. However, some of you missed some smaller features which we have just added:

Sort ranked domains

With the new version of the Ranking Monitor, you can monitor as many competitor domains as you want in one project. You can also monitor as many of your own domains as you want in one project. In addition, you can check the rankings of external pages such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages, etc.

This can lead to a long list of monitored domains and pages. We have just added a feature that enables you to sort the domains by URL, by number of pages, by number of keywords, by average position, by number of page 1 rankings and by visibility score:

sort ranked domains

These filters are also available for the PDF client reports. The web-based client reports also contain the new filters.

Extended CSV export

The new Ranking Monitor enables you to export the ranking data as CSV. You can use the exported file with a spreadsheet application, or with any other tool that can parse the CSV ranking data.

We have added an option that enables you to include keywords for which the monitored domains are not ranked in the CSV file:

keywords without rankings

Note that the CSV file will be much bigger if you include keywords for which your monitored domains are not ranked. There is a separate line for each keyword/search engine/monitored domain/date combination.

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