New in SEOprofiler: export historical ranking data

Starting today, you can export your historical ranking data in the ranking monitor. The new feature enables you to export all the rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing that have been tracked by the ranking monitor since you started to use the ranking monitor with your keywords.

How to export your ranking data

Click the ‘CSV Export’ link in the ‘Ranking monitor’ section in the menu on the left. Then tick the checkbox next to “Include ranking history” and then click the “Download CSV file” button. That’s all there is to it:

export historical ranking data

How to view historical rankings in the online interface

Of course, you don’t have to export your ranking data to view your historical rankings. If you want to find out how your website ranked for one of your keywords in the past, just click the keyword on the ‘Ranked Keywords’ page to view the keyword details:

historical search engine rankings

Try the ranking monitor now

The ranking monitor is only of of the great SEO tools that you get with SEOprofiler. If you haven’t done it yet, try the ranking monitor and the other SEO tools in SEOprofiler now:

Try the new ranking monitor now

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Tom Cassy

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