SEOprofiler now with enhanced interface and new step-by-step manual

We have enhanced the project overview page on SEOprofiler so that you can now quickly access all tools in SEOprofiler with a single click.

We have also added an easy to understand manual to SEOprofiler. Both improvements will help you to optimize your web pages as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All SEO tools with a single click

The new project overview interface makes it easier to get to the SEO tool of your choice:

new project overview

A detailed guide to SEO

In addition to the new project page, we have added a comprehensive step-by-step manual. You can access the manual from the project overview page, from the ‘Help’ menu in the navigation bar and from many tools in SEOprofiler:

the new seo manual

Step-by-step instructions for all SEO tools

When you view the manual, click a chapter name on the left to view the different pages of that chapter:

SEO manual: the link opportunity finder

The SEOprofiler manual is also available in a printable PDF version.

Tips and tricks and tutorials

In addition to easy to understand instructions on how to work with the tools in SEOprofiler, the new manual contains tips and tutorials that help you to get better results with your website.

You will learn about conversion optimization, how to improve your Google AdWords ads, how to get more social mentions and more.

You can access the brand-new manual in the ‘Help’ menu in SEOprofiler. If you haven’t done it yet, create your free account now.

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